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Academy or University of Music, Performing Arts Associations, Opera Theaters, Orchestra Foundations

Do you want to improve the awareness of your students or collaborators regarding their strengths and areas of potential psychological improvement for their well-being and improved performances? or are you managing a performing arts society and you need some coaching/psychological support to improve your comunication skills and/or leadership?

Discover the plan that will allow you to build a tailor-made plan to observe and create performance profiles useful to individual participants regarding their own psychological dimensions, and find out what can be the modalities of intervention to help you through Seminars / workshops / individual coaching to improve work climate, team building, leadership and communication, thus achieving greater performance and work well-being. 

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Starting from the analysis of demand, we will identify tools for assessment in order to highlight strengths and areas for improvement. 


On the basis of what emerged from this first phase, we will proceed to the construction of a specific plan of intervention


Workshops/ Seminars / Coaching

 on different topics according with the needs required.



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  • Analysis of the Performance Profile of employees or students (Mental Skills, Performance Anxiety, Problem solving, Self-management...)

  •  Optimization of Improvement Areas

  • Analysis of Working Climate, Human Resources




  • Performance & Psychology Course (Sport, Performing Arts, Organisations)

Topics: Motivation, Concentration & Attentions, Optimization, Leaderships, Team building, Roles, Performance Anxiety, Anxiety Management, Communication, Problem solving, Mental skills

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Edoardo Passarotto

- PhD Researcher at The Center for Systems Neuroscience and at the Institute of Music Physiology and Musicians' Medicine in Hannover

- M.Sc. in "Music, Mind & Brain" - Goldsmith Univ. in London.

- Musician (M.Mus - cum laude)

- Prizes in International Soloist and Chamber Music Competitions

- Former member of the Steinway Society in Verona

- Expert and author of different researches on Performance Psychology, Music Education & Musician's Health


Luca Mazzon

- Clinical & Performance Psychologist (M.Sc)

- Professor of Performance Psychology

- Musician (M.Mus)

- Specialized in Minfulness, Coaching, Mental Training, Counselling and Hypnosis

- 10 years of professional performing arts societies experience worldwide (Arena di Verona, "Puccini" Festival, Sanremo Symphony Orchestra, Göttinger Symphony Orchestra, Leipziger Symphony, "Alla Scala" Theater Academy Orchestra...) 

- Prizes in International Soloist and Chamber Music competitions

- De Sono Scholaships Award 

- Manager (Ap) at Berlin Opera Academi -Berlin Opernfest in 2019


First meeting for consulting, analysis and definition of the application: 150 euros (+19 % IVA)
the duration of the meeting can vary between 70-90 minutes. 

The total estimate will be provided in the following phase for the definition of the project start-up, and the possible need of my other colleagues. 

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If you are looking for an individual business coaching I'm available at the cost of 120 euros (+ IVA) at the hour from the first consult, from the second it will be 100 euros

for any information or to book an appointment:
+49 (0) 1627479994


Thank you for contacting me, I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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