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After years of international career as a musician and various specializations in different psychological fields, including clinical and performance, I have optimized the use of different strategies and techniques to be able to cope with the difficulties that my career and life have presented me. Specifically I have specialized in mental training for athletes and musicians, through programs to improve mental resources with various techniques derived from sports and clinical psychology, including mindfulness and hypnosis.

Meetings can be held in: Italian, English, German and Spanish. 

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Individual & for Ensemble (Chamber Music Ensemble)



for: Musicians, Dancers, Athletes

Every human performance, is built on the basis of technical and psychological components. Very often, there is a focus on improving technical skills, but without considering the psychological aspect, which especially at levels of excellence, can make a difference, and in fact the psychological dimensions, as well as the technical ones need a path of improvement. Among these dimensions that can influence our performance are: Attention, emotional regulation, perception of control, self-esteem and self-efficacy, motivation etc.

Mental training relies on a number of techniques and theories of human performance psychology with particular foundations in the sports field and in fact as it turns out already several studies, including my own presented at the 40th Symposium of the Performing Arts Medicine Association in Chicago, have highlighted the incredible effectiveness that sports performance psychology can have in multiple performance contexts.

We must be also aware that the psychological dimensions as well as the technical dimensions also need a to be trained to be improved.


Should you be interested, you can book the first meeting, so we can get to know each other and understand how I can be helpful to you and start your mental optimization journey together.


Understanding the logistical difficulties related to artists' working lifes, I am available in online mode for mental training sessions.


The cost of the first session is 100 euros (duration of 45 minutes), from the second one the cost will be 70 Euro. 

For students (possession of the Matriculation Document from a 'University or Higher Institute) the cost of the first session is 50 euro, from the second will be 35 euro.



Do you own a group and would like to have a coaching session with your ensemble for your upcoming concerts or competitions?

Through a range of techniques, already widely used in the field including team building and organizational psychology, mental training can also be useful in the preparation stages of a group of people. Various strategies and exercises can be useful for improving motivation, concentration, group cohesion and more, both musically and psychologically.



I will be available to join you at the rehearsal site to schedule a two-hour meeting for the cost of 200 euros (+ travel expenses).


Psychological counseling sessions can be useful for all those people who feel they need support because of a particularly difficult time in life, whether due to study, work or emotional situation. Such support, in fact, is designed to allow the person to find a professional who can listen and understand the difficult situation, and through counseling, process the situation and support the individual to his or her maximum expression and self-awareness even in times of crisis or conflict.


first meeting 100 euros, from the second 70 euros.

student: first meeting 50, from the second 35 euros. 


Sessions can be held via online platforms such as: Skype, Zoom or Meet. 
The booking of the meeting is only confirmed after sending the informed consent and payment for the session.


The appointment can be postponed or cancelled for any reason within 48 hours prior to the session without penalty. Should the appointment be cancelled with less notice, the full amount will be retained. The appointment is only confirmed after the session has been paid for.


It is important to specify that none of the techniques or meetings can replace, especially in case of mental disorder or physiological pathology, a psychotherapy or pharmacological therapy.

for any further information, please feel free to contact me

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