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luca mazzon primo piano music


Luca Mazzon was born in Vicenza in 1993, he started playing flute at the age of 11 Years old at the “Calderari” School in Vicenza with Silvia Stocco, than he studied at the Conservatory “A. Pedrollo” with Antonio Vivian, and He graduated at the Conservatory “O. Vecchi- A. Tonelli” under the guidance of Gabriele Betti with the highest marks. He studied at Hanns Eisler Hochschule für Musik in Berlin in the class of Benoit Fromanger. He graduated at “L. Perosi” Academy of Music with M. Davide Formisano in 2017. At the same time, He attended the course at the National Academy Orchestra of Santa Cecilia in Rome held by M. Andrea Oliva. During his career his reference teachers were, and still nowadays are Francesco Loi, Fabio Pupillo and Chiara Piccinelli. Luca participated in masterclasses and lessons with many other renowned musicians, such as: Gabriele Zucker, Mario Caroli, J. Bàlint, A. Lieberknecht and V. Milin.

In July 2020 obteined Masters of Music degree at the Musikhochschule Lübeck in the class of Angela Firkins.


He obtained many prizes in different international and national competitions as for example the first prize at the National Competition “Francesco Pavia” in 2009, first prize at the National Competition “Jan Lagosz” in Bardolino in 2010 and 2011, first prize at “Riviera Etrusca” National Competition, “Piove di Sacco” National Competition, in 2013, first prize at the“Città di Pesaro” International Chamber Music Competition ( in duo with Claudia Pallaver) in 2013, Golden award(first prize) at the “Svirél International Soloist Competition” in Stanjel (SLO), secon Prize at the “Città di Chieri” International Chamber Music Competition in 2013 and at the “Luigi Zanuccoli” International Music Compeittion. In addition to his awards, Luca was granted his first scholarship in 2015 offered by the “Livorno Music Festival” in 2015 and a second one in 2019 (and 2020) offered by the Associazione per la musica “De Sono” supporting his studies in Luebeck.

luca mazzon solista



In 2014 won the audition for the “Alla Scala” Theater Orchestra Academy where he played as first, second flute as well as piccolo until 2016.

Luca has played through his career with many other orchestra as: CEI (Central European Initiative) Youth Orchestra, WYO Wonderful Youth Orchestra “The European Spirit of The Youth” (Igor Kuret), “Mozart” Orchestra Academy (artistic director Claudio Abbado) in Bologna, “Teatro Olimpico” Orchestra in Vicenza, “Carlo Felice” Opera Theater Orchestra in Genova, Philarmonic Orchestra of The International Festival in Brescia and Bergamo, “G. Puccini” Festival Orchestra , “Alla Scala” Theater Orchestra Academy in Milan, “Arena di Verona” Orchestra in Verona, Orchestra Giovanile “L. Cherubini” (of Riccardo Muti), Italian Cinema Orchestra, Neue Philharmonie Hamburg, Sanremo Symphony Orchestra, Junge Norddeutschephilharmonie, Philharmonisches Kammerorchester Wernigerode, Mitteldeutsche Kammerphilharmonie, Stegreif Orchestra, Leipziger Symphony Orchestra, Braunschweig Theater Orchester. Together with his work as a flute player in orchestras, Luca performed in many tournèes internationally: USA, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Serbia, Slovenia, Croazia, Germany, France, Austria and China. From 2018 to 2019 Luca worked at the Mitteldeutsche Kammerphilharmonie, where he played as a Soloist for four consecutive concerts during the Festival “Raum für Talente” in the Anhalt- Sachsen, Region, Germany. In June 2019 He won the audition for the position of Praktikum (flute and piccolo) at the Göttinger Symphonie Orchester where he worked until 2021.

luca mazzon sanremo


In addition to the classical music career, Luca has been invited to play with famous pop celebrities. He played during the "Alt" Tour with the Pop singer Renato Zero and he played at the "Sanremo" Festival in 2018 with many famous pop singers as Sting, Laura Pausini, Claudio Baglioni, James Taylor, Skin, Biagio Antonacci, Fiorello,Mario Biondi, Gianna Nannini, Negramaro, Gianni Morandi, Eros Ramazzotti, Max Pezzali, Fiorella Mannoia, Le Vibrazioni, Ron,  Giorgia, Elio e le Storie tese, Arisa and many others.







He is a Clinical and Performance Psychology, member of the Italian Psychologist Association and German Psychologist Association (BDP), working as well in a Neurological and Orthopedic Reha clinic in Germany.

Luca has graduated from the University of Padova (IT) in BSc Psychological Sciences and Techniques in 2018.
His dissertation was developed in collaboration with the La.Ri.O.S. Lab at Padova University, where he conducted a survey with 63 musicians to understand the factors contributing to the mental health and wellbeing of musician´s career. This study focused on the role of constructs as the career adaptability, life skills (from the WHO - World Health Organization), resilience, medicine use (beta blockers) on life satisfaction and professional satisfaction, and the differences associated to gender, professional status (student, freelance and stable musicians) and levels of career adaptability.

In 2016 He has been Music Education Professor in three different public middle schools in Vicenza.
In 2019 He did as well a master course of 6 months in
Sport Psychology and Mental Training held by the PdS "Psicologi dello Sport" Association.

In the same year he did an Apprentice in Production&Management and Orchestra Management at the OpernFest Berlin - Berlin Opera Academy 2019, where he co-conducted the workshop: “Audition Psychology for Musicians”.

luca mazzon primo piano ricerca

In 2019, Obtained the certificate after the course and exam in "Rapid Hypnosis and Human Performance" at the C.I.S.S.P.A.T. (Centro Italiano Studio Sviluppo Psicoterapia a Breve Termine) in Padova.

In 2020 He took part to a professional course and passed the exam for the Mindfulness Educator Certificate recognized by the IPHM (Holistic Accreditation Board). 

He obtained his master's degree in Clinical Psychology and Rehabilitation (110/110 cum laude) in 2021 at the Niccolò Cusano University , in the same year he was also an intern at the Institut Fuer Musikermedizin und Musikphysiologie in Hannover under the supervision of: Prof. Altenmüller E ., Prof. Scholtz D. and Dr. Passerotto E.

in 2021 he attended the certificate in Hypnocoach and Clinic Hypnosis, and in 2022 the certificate in Yager Code Method at the German Institut for Clinic Hypnosis, supervised by Dr. N. Preetz. 

From January to February 2022, he deepened his clinical skills as a trainee in Musictherapy at the Forensic Psychiatry Department of the St. Georg Hospital in Leipzig.

Since 2021, Luca has been cooperating as a postgraduate trainee with the "U. Marcaccioli"- ISEF centre for sport and human performance psychology in Turin, with the aim of deepening her knowledge and skills in the field of sport and human performance psychology, which the centre also uses extensively in the organisational field for different foundations, in order to apply them especially in the context of the performing arts, with the aim of promoting wellbeing and preventing psycho- and physiopathological risks. His studies in collaboration with the Institut of Torino were presented by Luca at the 40th PAMA (Performing Arts Medicine Association) International Symposium in June 2022 in Chicago (USA). 

He is a member of the PAME (Performing Arts Multidisciplinary Equipe) research team, together with his collaborators (Dr. Passarotto & Dr. Rudari) who explore through the multidisciplinary approach (Physio-Neuro-Psychological) subjects such as prevention, rehabilitation and empowerment for the musician's career.

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