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Welcome to my page!

I am Luca Mazzon, a clinical and performance psychologist, coach, educator, and professional musician, I combine my diverse expertise to help individuals achieve their full potential.


In my artistic career, immersed in various realms of the performing arts (Classical, Opera, Ballet, Theater, Musical, Television), I've intimately experienced the beauties and also challenges unique to this field. From the uncertainties of employment and the constant travel between auditions and performances to the struggles of forming lasting personal and emotional relationships, the pressure to consistently deliver at 100%, the risk of injuries, and the professional consequences—these are facets of the journey I understand firsthand. If you're seeking a mental health specialist trained for elite sports and artistic performance, someone who can empathize, listen, and support you through these challenges, I look forward to getting to know you and am here to help.


In the clinical field, I cooperate as neuropsychologist at a hospital and rehabilitation clinic in Germany, providing personalized psychological counseling, specializing in sports psychology, mental training, coaching, clinical hypnosis, mindfulness, and rehabilitation.

With a solid career as a musician in several fields (Classical & Pop), I earned a conservatory diploma in Italy and a master's degree in Germany, performing at renowned international theaters and festival, including Teatro Alla Scala, Royal Opera House of Muscat, Elbphilharmonie and Festival di Sanremo. 

Through Tournés and international performances i met several colleagues and friends which helped me to develop my multilingual skills (Italian, English, Spanish, German, and French) and enable to effectively communicate with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds.


Over the years, I have honed my ability to combine clinical work with teaching and conducting training courses and workshops on various topics, from mental health to mental training, from Music Performance Anxiety to leadership and team building.

If you are interested in arranging an appointment or only with respect to psychology, you can find the information on my private psychology practice page:


My areas of expertise include neuropsychology, diagnostics, performance psychology and cognitive rehabilitation, as well as anxiety and emotional block management through mindfulness, hypnosis, and counseling. I also offer life & career coaching for personal empowerment, in addition to couples counseling and sexology. My experience in the entertainment industry has led me to provide training and assessment for organizations and institutions, including support for change management, human resources evaluation, mental training, and artist health prevention.

luca mazzon flute and piccolo instrument


Psychological counselling 
Clinical Hypnosis


Sexuology & Couple Therapy


Mental Training
Performance Profile

Performance Anxiety 

Music & Psychology

Lessons & Audition preparation


Workshop & Lectures on Performing Arts Mental Health

Performance Psychology, Optimizations & Wellbeing


Click on the option to read more: 


Flute Lessons
(Repertoire & preparation for auditions, concerts, or entrance exams)

Workshop & Seminars for Institutions
(Foundations, Festival, Theaters, Orchestras, Music Universities)


  • Master Sc. Clinical & Rehabilitation Psychology

  • 10 years of Orchestral Experience Worldwide 

  • Orchestra Professor Certificate by "Alla Scala" Theater Orchestra Academy 

  • B.Sc. in Psychological Sciences and Techniques

  • Certificated in Sport Psychology and Mental Training

  • Operator in Rapid Hypnosis and Human Performance

  • Certificate in Clinical Hypnosis & Coaching

  • Master of Music Performance (Germany)

  • Mindfulness Certificate

  • Member of the BDP (German Psychologist Association)

  •  Member of the PAME (Performing Arts Multidisciplinary Equipe)

Interview on Performance Psychology for Musicians at Maltese National Television


Research Presentation at 40 PAMA (Performing Arts Medicine Association) International Symposium 2022 in Chicago (USA)

AIPS Nationtal Congress 2024

Oral Presentation at the Italian Sport and Exercise Psychology Association Congress in Turin 

AIPS National Congress Mazzon Presentation on Sport psychology and Musicians
AIPS National Congress Mazzon Presentation on Sport psychology and Musicians
AIPS National Congress Mazzon Presentation on Sport psychology and Musicians
Music Performance Anxiety and Sport Psychology SFERA

New Publication!

Our Research on Music Performance Anxiety and Sport Psychology (SFERA model), in Cooperation with the Institut for Sport Psychology and Human Performance " U. Marcaccioli" in Turin and Institut for Musician's Medicine and Physiology (IMMM) of Hannover, has been published in the Journal  Psychology of Music 2023!

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