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Irene Francois

 - Music Diplom in viola

- BSc in Cognitive psychology and psychobiology

 - Master degree in Meditation and Cognitive Neuroscience

- Operator in Biomusic- Evolutive Music Therapy


Luca Mazzon

- Music Diplom in flute

- BSc in Psychological Sciences and Techniques

- Certificated in Sport Psychology and Mental Training

- Certificated in Hypnosis and Human Performance 

- Master of Music Performance

- Master in Clinical Psychology

Introduction and Research Projects  presentation conducted by Luca Mazzon and Irene Francois
Musician Psychopathology Risks, Music Performance Anxiety, and Preventions strategies
"Music Athletes": Sport Psychology for Musicians 
Mindfulness, Meditation and Self-hypnosis for Performers
Private Team Counseling

Irene and Luca deliver   seminars and workshops together, using innovative and diverse media materials. Their talks are focused on their specialities, where they present results from their recent research projects in order to increase self-awareness of techniques and psychological difficulties, which are part of the musician and performer's profession. 

If You have any questions, or would like to get additional informations on our work, feel free to contact us



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